About the ECRDA

The East Coast Research and Discovery Association (ECRDA) is the Northeast’s largest treasure-hunting club. Founded in 1983, the ECRDA has promoted the hobby of treasure hunting to young and old alike. We’re dedicated to the growth and development of the metal-detecting hobby and its offshoots, including relic recovery. Our club holds monthly meetings, annual hunts, charitable fundraisers, and more. We also help to find & return lost items including rings, other jewelry, keys, cell phones, and the like.

Why you should join the ECRDA

  • Help us to maintain and support the organization to further the interest of its members in historical facts and artifacts.
  • To help us promote the exchange of information, recording and preserving of historical data, locations, and artifacts and the discovery and recovery of lost or hidden artifacts and relics.
  • To help provide, and share in, some really cool recreational activity and companionship for its members, bringing into close fellowship the individual members for the mutual benefit and interest of said members.
  • To spread the word about this fascinating hobby.

Our Annual Hunts – Open to the Public

The ECRDA sponsors several hunts every year, most open to the public. Click here for more information about our recent hunts, and our annual open Beach Hunt.

Meet the Crew

Our 2023 officers are:

  • Joe Jorgensen, President
  • Andrew Ciffer, Vice President
  • Joe Kinney, Second Vice President
  • Treasurer: Eileen King
  • Secretary: Fred Stedtler
  • Social Media/Webmaster: Paul Havemann

Be sure to find us on Facebook — we post a lot of interesting stuff there!


Individual membership is just $25 per year; a family membership is just $35 per year. Click this link to download the (PDF) membership form. (Link is fixed now – sorry!)

Annual Dues

To participate in club-sponsored search outings, as well as our annual Christmas dinner, membership dues must be paid in full prior to the date of any event. Membership dues cannot be paid on the day of the event! This requirement is tied to making certain the club’s insurance extends to all participating attendees.  Please send your annual membership payment to Eileen King, or pay at the next meeting.