ECRDA Club Hunts

The East Coast Research and Discovery Association (ECRDA) is the Northeast's largest treasure-hunting club. Founded in 1983, the ECRDA promotes the hobby of treasure hunting to all, and especially to children -- the next generation of treasure hunters. Club members agree to abide by a Code of Ethics which governs our hobby. And we're pretty vocal about protecting our hobby from over-regulation, too.

Whether you've wondered what all this "metal detecting" stuff is about, or whether you're a seasoned THer, the ECRDA is the place to be. Our monthly meetings bring new and existing members together to share tips, show off their latest finds, buy and sell gear, hear presentations, enjoy our shared hobby, and much more. And we have refreshments!

(An aside to those new to the hobby: the events you see in those so-called 'reality' TV shows about metal detecting aren't all that real. One such TV show is called "Diggers", but these shows tend to "Savage" the reputation of clubs such as ours.)

Our Annual Beach Hunts - Open to the Public - Every May!

Our annual, open-to-the-public hunt takes place every May (except 2020) in Ocean City NJ. We've hosted ten hunts so far; Check out our photo gallery of past hunts at which we welcomed hundreds of attendees who competed for a lot of great prizes, ranging from proof sets to high-end metal detectors. You won't want to miss our next one -- see you at the Music Pier in Ocean City.

Private, Member-Only hunts

ECRDA members on the hunt! Members of the ECRDA have participated in invitation-only hunts on private and/or historic properties. Property owners have invited us to seek out whatever we could find in small yards, large fields, and even farms. Some of these have included a 'living' farm in Pennsylvania and an early-20th-century country estate in northern NJ. As an ECRDA member, such exclusive opportunities will be open to you, too!

Tory Belt Plate
We've also twice visited an 18th-Century farm property in Bergen County NJ; members found a wealth of historic artifacts and relics which were catalogued and will be displayed on the property. One of our experienced members found a Tory belt plate from the Revolutionary War -- and it made Western & Eastern Treasures' "2013 Best Finds" issue! How cool is that?

ECRDA's Annual Members-and-Guests Hunt

And just to keep us sharp, ECRDA members enjoy an exclusive annual hunt. Each year, club members meet at PV Park in the fall; most members win worthy prizes, while one lucky member goes home with a new machine. Would you like to join us for the next one? Check our our meeting schedule as well as our Facebook Events page. The first hunt is at 10 a.m., and there's a Kids Hunt at 11:30 a.m.

The cost is $25 for ECRDA members, or $35 for non-members. Want to become a member? Here's how!

Property Owners: If you think your property might yield some interesting finds -- not only coins, but historic relics, or perhaps even Revolutionary War or Civil War artifacts -- get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help! (References upon request.)