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Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation

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Do you like your hobby?

Then you need to help defend it!

The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation (TFMDRF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating public awareness by promoting and defending the lawful hobby of recreational metal detecting on public-use lands and waterways.

Even as our hobby has grown in recent years, providing exercise and enjoyment to hundreds of thousands of detectorists across America, many public areas are being restricted by local lawmakers who, in most cases, don't really understand the hobby or the benefits it brings -- not just to us, but to the public. Too often, they're victims of misinformation.

What does the Foundation do?

It's our mission to bring together the metal-detector community to help to educate our public servants. Through education, communication and unity, the TFMDRF believes we can enlighten our lawmakers -- and introduce our hobby to the public -- so all of us can enjoy our favorite passtime.

What can I do to help protect our hobby?

It's as easy as contacting our public servants via email to let them know how you feel about the unnecessary restrictions on our hobby. Your voice is needed now. Visit and we'll tell you who needs to be informed. We even supply the email addresses. And you can do more, too, if you wish; there are plenty of opportunities to help.

So please, don't wait; your right to enjoy your hobby is at risk. Join us at now, and let's work together!

While you're there, join the Foundation -- it's free!